Navy Marine Mammal Program (NMMP)

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Julia Belden was selected for the Animal Care and Training Internship Program, in which she will provide support to the staff who care for the animals.

According to the site:
The internship program is designed to give undergraduate students hands-on experience with marine mammals. Students will be responsible for a number of support tasks with dolphins and sea lions throughout the course of the internship. These responsibilities will include diet preparation, sanitation, and equipment and facility maintenance. Interns may also have the opportunity to assist the marine mammal training staff in husbandry and open ocean training. In addition, they will provide support to the animal care staff in animal physicals and assist with a number of different marine mammal research projects. Lectures and field trips will also be conducted throughout the term to enhance the learning experience. It is particularly suited for juniors and seniors in fields such as biology, zoology, marine science, animal behavior, psychology, and veterinary science.

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Photo of a dolphin, provided by NMMP

Photo of a California Sea Lion, provided by NMMP

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